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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ’s Client Rights:
Do you want to contact the Client Rights officer at MHMRTC?

Dial 817-569-4429 or the complaint line 817-569-4367 or 1-888-636-6344.

Do you want to report physical, emotional abuse or exploitation of a client?

Call 1-800-647-7418 (Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services)

Do you want a copy of the MHMRTC Handbook of Client Rights and Responsibilities?

Your service provider must provide a handbook for you when you first enter into the program and each time that you request one.

Are you looking for assistance outside of the MHMRTC system?

You might want to contact the Mental Health Association at 817-335-5405, or you might want to contact The Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC) at 817-877-1474.

For assistance with advocacy throughout the state of Texas you can call Advocacy, Inc. at 1-800-880-2884.

There are state and Federal laws to protect you. You can find out about these laws by contacting the agencies listed above.

FAQ’s Consumer Affairs:

What is TIMA?

TIMA (Texas Implementation Medication Algorithms) is a major initiative of the Texas Department of State Health Services in collaboration with Texas academic institutions. TIMA’s goal is to increase the quality and consistency of medication treatment for people who have a major mental illness.

What is the TIMA Patient and Family Education component?

The TIMA Patient and Family Education component includes peer support group education. One course offered in these peer support groups is C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer). C2C is a six-session course that covers mental illness topics such as signs and symptoms, types of medications, medication benefits and side effects, and ways of coping with the illness.

What are Diagnosis Education Seminars?

Diagnosis Education Seminars are single session groups that provide education on mental health diagnoses, symptoms and coping skills. They are open to all MHMR clients and their families/significant others. Please call 817-569-5274 for more information.

Where is the Consumer-to-Consumer Education (C2C) course being held?

C2C is being given at several locations at Mental Health Mental Retardation of Tarrant County for our clients. However, the public may attend the C2C course hosted by “Diamond Mind,” a local chapter of Texas Mental Health Consumers. The Diamond Mind C2C group will begin in February 2002. Please call the Consumer Affairs Coordinator at 817-569-5274 for more information.

How can I become a peer facilitator for C2C?

Train-the-Trainer sessions can be arranged through the Consumer Affairs Coordinator at 817-569-5274. We work directly with Texas Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation to implement these consumer-training sessions.

What are Peer Support Groups?

Peer Support draws on the concept that others can benefit from the lived experience of those in recovery from mental illness. Recovery does not refer to “cure”, but rather living well in spite of a diagnosis of mental illness. Every participant is both the helper and the helped. At its core, the philosophy of recovery embraces and encourages an individual’s capacity for change and personal transformation. Peer-to-Peer Support groups are offered weekly to MHMR clients at every Adult Outpatient Clinic. For more information, please call 817-569-5274 or 817-569-5278.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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